Contested Divorce

CONTESTED DIVORCE arises when one or both spouses cannot reach an agreement regarding the most important terms of the divorce. A contested divorce is typically more complicated and time-consuming to settle than uncontested divorce, and may require appearances with a Court-appointed mediator and/or Court hearings.

The reality is that many contested divorce cases could be easily resolved, but become contested primarily from factors that the court system simply cannot help with, such as anger, resentment, jealousy, etc. The sad fact is that there are some attorneys that will use those emotions to push a client into a long, drawn out court battle that helps no one other than the attorney that is charging for the additional work.

Each contested divorce case is significantly different, so there is no normal amount of time that it takes to settle one. It is our office's policy to help guide you through a contested divorce by getting you the results that are most beneficial to you in the most efficient way possible. We make every effort to get as fair a resolution for our clients as the law allows without causing the client the undue financial hardship and emotional trauma that results from a never-ending court battle.

If you think you need to file divorce, or have questions about your rights in a divorce case, contact us now to schedule a consultation to discuss the particular circumstances of your case. You may also fill out the form below to get started, and these will help us give you specific advice for your circumstances.