Uncontested Divorce

UNCONTESTED DIVORCE typically means that you and your spouse have both agreed to the divorce, and have more or less agreed on the terms of the settlement. Uncontested divorce is in most cases faster than a contested divorce, and is considerably less stressful since it does not involve many (if any) court appearances. But it's less stressful primarily because the spouses have agreed rather than engaging in a battle through the court system. Unfortunately, many times the parties intend that their divorce be uncontested, but due to unreasonable expectations on the part of one or both people, the divorce turns negative. Every divorce case is different, and our office will help you with all the aspects of an uncontested divorce including:

  • determining whether the case is actually uncontested
  • negotiating terms of spousal support if appropriate
  • negotiating terms of child visitation/child support
  • distribution of marital property
  • filing the necessary forms with the Court

If you think you need to file divorce, or have questions about your rights in a divorce case, contact us now to schedule a consultation to discuss the particular circumstances of your case. You may also fill out the form below to get started, and these will help us give you specific advice for your circumstances.