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February 2013 Archives

Student loans typically not eligible for refinancing

If you have a mortgage that was financed at a higher rate of interest, should interest rates fall as they have over the last few years, you have the option of refinancing that debt to newer, lower interest rates. If you have a 30-year mortgage, a few percentage points reduction can save you thousands of dollars over repayment period of the loan.

Baby boomers carrying more credit card debt

Recent research suggests a growing problem for the aging baby boomers. It finds that credit card debt has increased among those over age 50. While the stereotype of individuals with large amounts of credit card debt are those of young college students or young couples with children, the study found more credit card debt for those older than 50 years of age.

Emotional issues are part of the problem that surrounds bankruptcy

The emotional anxiety people feel caused by filing for bankruptcy protection may be greater than the anxiety resulting from their financial problems. They may feel grief, sadness, shame and other negative emotions. They often feel alone and isolated, and the stress can become circular, with financial problems feeding the stress on relationships, which can further undermine their economic situation.

The unfortunate place of student loans in bankruptcy law

News arrives from Florida that Casey Anthony has filed for bankruptcy protection. She lists $800,000 in debts on her bankruptcy schedules, but only $1,000 in assets. Most of her debt consists of attorney fees to her defense attorney from her criminal trial. While a jury found her not guilty, she still owes her attorney and private investigators.

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