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July 2014 Archives

Dealing with credit card debt after death

Kentucky residents who have recently lost a loved one might assume that decedent's debts disappear with them. However, just as the estate must handle the distribution of assets to heirs, the estate is also held liable for the person's outstanding balances. In fact, the estate is usually required to settle the debts before the assets are given out according the deceased individual's will.

Dealing with credit card debt and concerns about garnishment

Some consumers live in fear of what credit card companies can actually do to them. One question that often arises is whether they can garnish an IRA, especially if the IRA is with the same issuer as the credit card in question.

Crumbs to declare bankruptcy

Some Kentucky residents may be familiar with Crumbs Bake Shop, a cupcake shop that until recently operated 65 locations in 12 states according to its website. The company was founded in New York City in 2003, but has been experiencing declining sales in the last few years, including a loss of $3.8 million in the first three months of 2014. A week after it was delisted from NASDAQ, the company has announced that it will be ceasing all operations and filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Woman sues retailer for creditor harassment

Kentucky readers might be interested in a creditor harassment case recently filed against national department store chain Kohl's. The plaintiff in the case claims that the retail giant called her incessantly, including calls that occurred early in the morning and late at night, in pursuit of a $20 credit card debt. She says she chose not to pay the debt, which was apparently legitimately incurred in November 2013, because of frustration with the way she was treated by Kohl's customer service department. She believes the company broke the law in its attempts to collect the debt.

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