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May 2015 Archives

We know federal bankruptcy law, so you don't have to

Contemplating a petition in bankruptcy is something most people never believe they would end up doing. Unfortunately, though, life is not always fair. Sometimes you can do your best to stay out of financial trouble, but trouble finds you. A sudden job loss, or a catastrophic illness or injury are but a couple of ways that you could find yourself in unmanageable financial straits. 

Non-bankruptcy workout plans: what are they?

One of the most difficult aspects of being in a situation where your debt burden has become unmanageable is that it can lead you to a sense of desperation. People seldom make their best decisions when they feel desperate, and few things can make you feel that way more than being overburdened with debt.

People meeting financial challenges with cautious borrowing

Recent upswings in consumer debt levels in Jefferson County, Kentucky, and elsewhere throughout the United States appear to have ended. Caution among consumers in their spending and borrowing habits appears to have caused consumer debt levels to have plateaued.

Supreme Court ruling may affect ability to appeal in a bankruptcy

Kentucky residents who are facing overwhelming debt may be interested in one legal limitation that consumers face when seeking a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. A decision from the nation's highest court has clarified when a person has the ability to appeal the bankruptcy court's rulings.

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