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December 2015 Archives

Helping Kentucky residents get out of debt trouble

At the Law Office of Allan E. Dunaway, PLC, we help people climb out of debt trouble, and ensure they land on sound financial footing to begin their lives anew. We do this by guiding them through the often complicated and confusing bankruptcy process.

What you should know about Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings are often seen as the last resort financial solution for Kentucky residents. Although Chapter 7 proceedings are -- in many cases -- the last thing indebted individuals do when they are backed into a debt corner, this is no reason to look at bankruptcy as a negative. Indeed, these proceedings should be viewed as a way of turning a new leaf and getting a new financial lease on life. By resolving the toxic debt that has plagued you for years, you will be taking care of stress, releasing your burdens, simplifying your life and starting fresh.

Is my retirement safe during bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy is a tool that many individuals and couples in the area of Louisville, Kentucky, are using to improve a bad financial situation. People find themselves contemplating bankruptcy for a multitude of different reasons, but the brunt of the problem is quite similar—debts have accumulated that are far beyond what a person is capable of managing on his or her own. Bankruptcy is not a punishment and can actually be very beneficial when used correctly.

Be careful about increasing credit card debt during the holidays

The holidays are upon us and, with the frenzy of finding the right gift for everyone on your list, credit cards will be the payment method used by many Americans. While the convenience of credit cards and the ability to pay off the cost of gifts after the first of the year may be tempting, for many families it is only exacerbating a disturbing problem. According to recent reports, total household debt is growing faster than household income and credit card debt is the third largest type of debt, following only home mortgages and student loans.

Things to consider when home foreclosure seems unavoidable

Something that can happen if your financial situation worsens for any reason is that you can find yourself falling behind on your mortgage payments. You may be forced to "juggle bills," trying to thread the needle between keeping food on the table, keeping your utilities connected and your credit card bills paid, but it can all come to naught if your home ends up on the foreclosure block.

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