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January 2016 Archives

Time to tackle that holiday debt

It's so easy for holiday spending to get out of hand when we are trying to please our loved ones during Christmas season. When all it takes is a simple swipe of a credit card to see our children and spouses beam with excitement, the bills can really add up. But here we are in January, and all that debt is still lingering on our credit card statements. What can we do?

Preventing wage garnishment

With most Kentucky residents struggling to make financial ends meet while living paycheck to paycheck, having any amount of money garnished from your wages can be financially devastating. However, it is more common than you might think for a company to secure a judgment that allows it to make a claim on a portion of your paycheck. When that happens, it might be time to consider bankruptcy.

What is the average amount of credit card debt to have?

Most Americans would prefer to not have any kind of credit card debt, but those that do have credit cards tend to keep some amount of debt on them. The average American actually has two credit cards and the average amount of debt on each card is about $4,400 according to Experian. This is taken from data as current as June 2015.

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