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March 2016 Archives

In what order should I pay down my debts?

If you have decided to take control of your debt and pay it down, you have made an important first step. However, you now need to decide which debts to pay off first. Prioritizing which debts to pay off may be difficult to do when you consider all the different variables, such as the following:

What are the best benefits of Chapter 13 bankruptcy?

There are a lot of reasons why a Kentucky resident would choose Chapter 13 bankruptcy over Chapter 7 bankruptcy. However, some may question what the advantages are, especially considering that a Chapter 13 repayment plan could represent a three to five year commitment. This article will discuss the primary benefits of Chapter 13 bankruptcy in detail.

What if I miss a Chapter 13 repayment plan payment?

Before entering Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings, debtors should consider whether they have a stable enough income in order to meet the requirements of paying a specific amount of money in regular installments for three to five years. That is because, if the payments cannot be made in a timely fashion, then it could render the bankruptcy process invalid and the bankruptcy could ultimately be dismissed.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings in Kentucky

Even the most financially responsible Kentucky residents can fall into monetary hardship. Indeed, unexpected medical expenses, a relative who is down on his or her luck and personal tragedies of every variety can crop up in a heartbeat. These events are completely out of our control and they can send us into down-spiraling economic conditions that are impossible to get out of.

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