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April 2016 Archives

Can I discharge my student loan debt during bankruptcy?

The safest answer to the question of whether student loan debt can be discharged in bankruptcy is "no." However, if it can be shown that the individual is suffering from extreme financial hardship, then there is a possibility that the student loan debts will be discharged.

Can credit card debt cause post-traumatic stress disorder?

According to recent statistics, Americans have an average amount of credit card debt amounting to $15,800. This debt is causing Americans to suffer from an enormous amount of stress. In fact, some Americans are contracting post-traumatic stress disorder as a result of their debt.

Credit card debt: Knowing the basics

If every American could internalize a few important facts about credit cards and act on that knowledge, the majority of our nation's credit card debt problems could be eliminated. If you have a credit card, which you likely do if you are an adult, you should keep the following facts in mind in order to avoid getting into a debt problem.

Television power couple files for bankruptcy

Television power couple Duane Martin and Tisha Campbell-Martin have filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Actors Duane and Tisha rose to fame in the 1990s. Tisha played the love interest of Martin Lawrence on the Fox sitcom, "Martin." Duane acted in a successful movie with Tupac Shakur called "Above the Rim." However, many roles and acting gigs later, the couple -- who has been married for 20 years -- is suffering from financial problems.

Are your wages being garnished by creditors?

Kentucky residents are often living paycheck to paycheck, so when a creditor gets court approved to start garnishing your wages, it can represent the straw that breaks your financial back. Fortunately, though, even if a creditor has a court order to take part of your weekly wages away from you, a bankruptcy attorney can help.

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