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May 2016 Archives

Stop wage garnishment with a bankruptcy filing

Wage garnishment can happen if a Kentucky resident does not pay his or her bills and the creditor successfully pursues a special kind of debt collection lawsuit against the debtor. Once a wage garnishment court order has been obtained, the creditor can claim part of the debtor's wages. This can be financially devastating for someone who is already having trouble paying his or her bills.

Debts, bankruptcy and debt resolution strategies

Debt problems have a tendency to snowball out of control very quickly. Kentucky residents might simply think that they are using a credit card to make ends meet quite innocently, when suddenly something happens that prevents them from paying off the credit card. When credit card payments cannot be paid, fees and interest will add up to become astronomical in no time, even with very small debts.

Ex-agricultural commissioner Richie Farmer files for bankruptcy

Richie Farmer used to be Kentucky's agricultural commissioner. He was also a star of the University of Kentucky basketball team. However, after being convicted of violating state campaign finance and ethics laws, he was sent to prison. More recently, Farmer appeared in the news against, on May 4, after filing for personal bankruptcy.

Defenses against tax return seizure over a defaulted student loan

Student loans, like any type of monetary loan, have to be paid back. The only difference is that unlike a regular loan, a student loan is often not dischargeable during bankruptcy proceedings. Even worse, if the student loan borrower falls into delinquency and then default, he or she could face some serious difficulties.

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