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October 2016 Archives

The shocking truth about credit card debt in the United States

Kentucky residents are carrying massive amounts of credit card debt. If your income is sufficient to pay your credit card bills, this debt may not be a huge problem. However, as soon as a problem comes up that interferes with your ability to pay your monthly bills, you could face serious debt problems -- and maybe the only way to get out from under those difficulties is bankruptcy.

Stop creditor harassment now

Kentucky residents suffering from debt troubles will quickly realize how harrowing creditor harassment can be. Constantly being tracked down, called and contacted in different ways by creditors is nerve-wrecking, embarrassing and in some cases it is also unlawful. So, how do Kentucky residents put a stop to it?

How to stop your car from being repossessed

Even if you have worked hard and paid your car payments on time for years, a financial hiccup that prevents you from paying for your car several times could result in a repossession. However, by filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, some individuals may be able to stop a car repossession in its tracks through what is called an "automatic stay."

Kentucky Judge orders debt relief company to leave the state

A Franklin Circuit Judge has struck a blow to predatory debt relief peddlers, ordering a Florida-based company to cease operations within Kentucky. The decision was handed down after the company came under investigation for making allegedly misleading claims about college debt forgiveness.

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