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Stop creditor harassment now

Kentucky residents suffering from debt troubles will quickly realize how harrowing creditor harassment can be. Constantly being tracked down, called and contacted in different ways by creditors is nerve-wrecking, embarrassing and in some cases it is also unlawful. So, how do Kentucky residents put a stop to it?

One of the best ways to stop creditor harassment is via the "automatic stay" component associated with filing for Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Once an automatic stay has been put into affect through the bankruptcy process, creditors can no longer harass a Kentucky borrower to pay his or her debts. In fact, if the creditor violates the automatic stay, the creditor can face serious legal consequences and fines.

Here's checklist to know if you're being harassed. If you answer yes to any of these questions, you may be a victim of creditor harassment:

-- Are you receiving constant mailings threatening legal action if you fail to pay your debts?

-- Were law enforcement officers impersonated in order to try and collect your debts?

-- Did you receive a personal call or a "robot phone call" trying to collect your debt, or did your family members receive one?

-- Do you get unannounced visits from your creditor to your home and/or place of work?

At the Law Office of Allan E. Dunway, PLC, we help Kentucky residents to decide if bankruptcy is right for their situation and what kid of bankruptcy filing they should choose. In some situations, bankruptcy will not be able to resolve the most significant debts held by a borrowers, so it is vital to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of filing for every individual; and, the automatic stay and the way it stops creditor harassment is clearly an important advantage that every potential bankruptcy filer will want to keep in mind.

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