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Dispelling Common Bankruptcy Myths

If myths and misconceptions about personal bankruptcy filings have caused you to become concerned about what happens afterward, experienced attorney Allan E. Dunaway can give you the facts you need and set your mind at ease.

As if the stress felt by bankruptcy filers isn’t enough, a number of half-truths have gathered around the subject of bankruptcy since the 2005 changes in the Bankruptcy Code. Additionally, many people feel embarrassed to file bankruptcy – but oftentimes this is only because bankruptcy is represented in the media as “bad” with bankruptcy filers being “irresponsible.” The truth is the news media only interviews people representing the credit industry, so of course they’re going to misrepresent the benefits of bankruptcy! At the Law Office of Allan E. Dunaway PLC, with offices in Louisville, Kentucky, and Jeffersonville, Indiana, our number one priority is to give you peace of mind when it is obvious that a bankruptcy protection strategy is right for you.

Since 1999, Allan has successfully advised people just like you, with families just like yours, separating bankruptcy facts from fiction and giving you the strength to move on to the next chapter in your life.

Whether the option you choose is Chapter 7 liquidation, Chapter 13 reorganization or an alternative to bankruptcy, whether you are addressing divorce and bankruptcy simultaneously or wondering if you will ever have good credit again, Allan E. Dunaway can help. Our law firm is on your side.

Dispelling The Common Myths About Bankruptcy

Here are just a few of the myths circulating about bankruptcy that have prevented people from filing and seeking the true debt relief they need:

  • My bankruptcy means that I have been financially irresponsible.
  • Everyone — from friends to distant relatives and business associates — will know that I have filed.
  • A bankruptcy filing ruins my credit record forever.
  • If I file, I will lose everything — my home, my motor vehicles and other prized possessions.
  • I will be unable to collect a tax refund.
  • I can only file for bankruptcy once.
  • Filing will cost me my job.

These are just myths. Don’t let bad information keep you from getting the relief you need.

Contact Our Lawyer To Learn The Facts About Bankruptcy

During your free initial consultation, Allan E. Dunaway will explain why these and other creditor-perpetuated myths are incorrect. He will answer your questions and help you chart a course of action that is specifically tailored to suit your unique legal and financial needs. He understands that many people do not bring bankruptcies upon themselves – clients often end up in bankruptcy due to sudden, expensive emergencies outside of their control.

Contact the Law Office of Allan E. Dunaway PLC. Your initial consultation is free. Call us in Kentucky or Indiana toll free at 502-785-1005 or send an email.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.