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Protect Your Home From Foreclosure

For many homeowners, their home contains precious memories — of putting down roots, raising a family and providing a safe haven from the worries of the world.

When job loss or a catastrophic illness plunges you deeply into debt, your ownership of this prized possession may be threatened by mortgage foreclosure if you have fallen far behind on monthly payments. When you are facing mortgage foreclosure, you need an experienced foreclosure lawyer who can give you hope for the future.

At the Law Office of Allan E. Dunaway PLC, serving clients in Kentucky and Indiana from our offices in Louisville and Jeffersonville, our law firm is here to protect you and your property.

During your free initial consultation with attorney Allan E. Dunaway, you will learn about the many effective methods of stopping foreclosure on the home you worked so hard to afford — the automatic stay of personal bankruptcy and repayment options available under Chapter 13, the potential for loan modification, a short sale or other debt settlement alternatives are all available tools if you get advice from an attorney that knows how to use them.

If you have decided that the best course of action is to get out of your mortgage altogether and make a fresh start somewhere new, then a Chapter 7 bankruptcy could be the best solution.

Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection will immediately delay a foreclosure action, giving you time to save money while finding your next home. It also offers the opportunity to discharge the deficiency balance debt that occurs when a home is sold for less than is owed on the mortgage, whether the sale happens before or after your case is filed.

Another way out of foreclosure, if you are behind on your payments and merely need help getting back on track, is Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This course of action stops a foreclosure action immediately, while allowing you to include your missed payments in a repayment plan completed over a comfortable three- to five-year period. Plus, most importantly, you and your family continue to live in your home and build equity that you have worked so hard for.

Contact Our Experienced Lawyer To Protect Your Home

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