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December 2012 Archives

Company thrives after bankruptcy

A Pendleton, Indiana, motor company is open again, five years after filing for bankruptcy and closing its doors. Remy International makes starters and alternators for vehicles, a business that has picked up tremendously since the uprising of hybrid-powered vehicles.

Homeownership in Louisville metro area to improve

The 13-county metro area of Louisville saw homeownership rates drop to the lowest in 8 years in 2011, however reports indicate there may be hope for 2013. Keeping that percentage from dropping in the coming year depends not just on people buying homes, but also current homeowners in the area staying out of foreclosure.

Money-saving holiday shopping tips

As our Kentucky readers know, holiday spending can sometimes get away from us while shopping. Winter holiday shopping sprees are not uncommon, but neither is falling into credit card debt during this season. We've put together some helpful hints to keep your gift recipients, and your wallets, happy during this holiday season.

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