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Money-saving holiday shopping tips

On Behalf of | Dec 6, 2012 | Credit Card Debt | 0 comments

As our Kentucky readers know, holiday spending can sometimes get away from us while shopping. Winter holiday shopping sprees are not uncommon, but neither is falling into credit card debt during this season. We’ve put together some helpful hints to keep your gift recipients, and your wallets, happy during this holiday season.

Making a list of each person you need to shop for, and an allotted amount of money for each, can be extremely helpful when shopping. Going shopping without a plan can often end in browsing and over-spending. After the spending has occurred, be sure to keep track of your receipts for your records, and just in case returns are necessary.

Don’t open store credit cards for the “rewards,” most times you’ll end up spending more that way. Also, avoid using a credit card unless it is for items that you are sure you’ll be able to pay back when your bill comes. If you do bring a credit card, only bring one and stick to your list to keep from over-spending.

Don’t over-think your gifts, be thrifty about it. Shop at local stores first and look for the best deals and sales. To find the best deals, don’t be afraid of technology. There are plenty of apps for phones and even on-line coupons that offer discounts not shown in stores.

This holiday season don’t have to send you running to the bank with your bankruptcy filing papers in hand. These simple tips could help your bank account in a big way.

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