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September 2013 Archives

Mortgage settlement funds help some borrowers in Kentucky

The mortgage crisis was a massive disaster for thousands of families. The bubble of real estate prices placed thousands of Kentucky homebuyers in the unfortunate circumstance of having to pay greatly inflated prices for their homes, only to see those prices collapse. The collapse damaged the economy, driving many companies out of business and leaving many employees out of work.

Can I keep a home in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy?

People often wonder in Kentucky whether they can file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy if they are a homeowner. The classic answer from a bankruptcy attorney will probably be, "It depends." In a Chapter 7, the trustee's job is to collect all of the non-exempt assets, sell them and pay the proceeds to your creditors. If your only assets are exempt property, then there are no assets for the trustee to sell.

FHA changes requirements for borrowers with bankruptcy

The Great Recession was hard on many Kentucky residents in the Louisville area. The crash of real estate values coincided with the loss of many jobs, as businesses closed or laid-off workers. This left many people with homes that were worth less than their mortgages and it left them without sufficient income to continue making payments on the now overvalued mortgages.

13 plan set at five years, even without disposable income

In a Chapter 13, you make payments to the trustee during the term of the plan, which can vary from three to five years. The plan encompasses the necessary expenses of the debtor, their secured debt payments and, if there is any disposable income remaining, it is allocated to the unsecured debts.

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