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December 2013 Archives

How will child support affect you bankruptcy?

While the concept of a Chapter 13 is relatively straightforward, the technical details can be complex. The idea behind a Chapter 13 is to allow debtors with regular income the ability to discharge some of their debts while giving them three to five years to pay their debts. For instance, if you have fallen behind in your mortgage, you can use a Chapter 13 to catch up on those arrears. The Chapter 13 also protects your home from foreclosure during this time.

Loehmann's files Chapter 11 again to receive relief from debt

Debt can be a particularly frustrating thing to have to go through because of all of its uncertainties down the road. From a depleted credit score to the concerns surrounding future loan applications, a person must often weigh these cons against the pros of debt relief prior to filing for any form of bankruptcy protection. It’s worth noting though that filing for bankruptcy is no guarantee that a person will not have to file again in the future, which is a fact that some of our readers here in Kentucky may know quite well.

Reformed bankruptcy laws not helping creditors

The lobbyists for credit card companies have been successful, in some ways. Not only were they able to get Congress to pass the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (BAPCPA), but they created the impression in many people that it was the Bankruptcy System that encouraged many people to file personal bankruptcy.

Credit card debt can be a balancing act for single parents

A parent in Louisville might find themselves as the sole provider for their children. Being a single parent can be a difficult job. Sometimes when one income isn't enough to support a family, a single parent might try to find additional employment, even though it is difficult to be away from their children for so long in the day.

Will standardizing Chapter 13 plans make them more clear?

One of the reasons the average debtor in Louisville who files a Chapter 13 bankruptcy hires a bankruptcy attorney is to ensure the Chapter 13 plan is properly put together, and that the rest of their filing is done in accordance with the Bankruptcy Code.

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