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Improving credit by managing credit card usage

On Behalf of | Feb 16, 2015 | Credit Card Debt | 0 comments

People in Kentucky can work on improving their credit simply by managing credit card debt, making payments on time and proactively checking their accounts every day. After time passes, they can see their credit scores improve as a result.

When people use credit cards to make daily purchases, the action can help raise their credit score. Establishing a good credit history involves using the credit people have available to them. The caveat is that if a person uses their credit cards to make such purchases, they must also make their payments on time. Credit cards should generally also be paid off each month if possible.

People should also consider asking regular bill payment companies, such as a landlord or utilities, to report good payment histories to the credit bureaus. This can help people who have limited or poor credit histories. Checking all financial accounts every day can be important in order to spot mistakes or suspicious activity. When judgments or defaulted credit card debt appears on a credit report, waiting for the negative information to age off the credit report can also help.

In some cases, people who have defaulted on their credit cards simply are unable to pay it. In those cases, people may be faced with such things as wage garnishment. They also may be dealing with routine creditor harassment and other associated problems. In the event that a person’s debt situation is simply unmanageable, filing for personal bankruptcy may be a viable alternative. A bankruptcy discharge will remove the liability for payment of eligible debts, and creditors will be forbidden from making further collection attempts. A bankruptcy attorney can describe the eligibility requirements that are associated with a filing.

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