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August 2015 Archives

Is my home protected during bankruptcy?

In order to find relief from overwhelming debt, you may choose to file for bankruptcy. When you do so, you are declaring that you are unable to pay your debt. Instead of creditors or collection agencies coming to you directly, a court order releases you from personal liability or helps you form a repayment plan.

Financial challenges can undo even the best debt strategy

Contacting your credit card company to ask for a reduction in the interest rate it charges you is just one of several strategies you can employ to make your financial life a bit more manageable. Creating a plan to help you manage the debt you have and to limit taking on more debt than you can comfortably handle is what financial planning authorities usually recommend.

Do I qualify for chapter 7 bankruptcy?

Kentucky residents who have fallen on difficult financial challenges may be interested in learning about chapter 7 bankruptcy. This is an option that gives you a fresh financial start by essentially liquidating your assets and using that money to wipe away the majority of your debts. But, it is reserved for only some residents who are struggling with debt, and there are certain criteria that must be met in order to utilize it.

Before you give counsel to your fears, contact us

A common characteristic of human beings is that when faced with an uncertainty or even danger, their first impulse is to hesitate. What determines their fate after that initial moment of pause is whether they can do what is necessary to move forward, or if they let their first impression turn into confusion, worry and -- ultimately -- fear.

Kentucky’s statute of limitations on credit card debt

Consumers all over Kentucky are facing climbing debt from credit cards. For many, it may feel as if there will never be a way out of the mounting bills. But, there is a statute of limitations that prevents consumers from being sued by creditors after so many years. This is designed, more than anything else, to protect Kentucky residents from living their entire lives in fear of a lawsuit.

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