At the Law Office of Allan E. Dunaway PLC, we help people climb out of debt trouble, and ensure they land on sound financial footing to begin their lives anew. We do this by guiding them through the often complicated and confusing bankruptcy process.

Although the United States economy is recovering in many ways, and jobs are currently a little easier to find, not everyone is out of the woods yet. Indeed, hard times and the loss of a job can still happen to anyone at any time; and, since so many Americans — even ones with high paying jobs — are living from paycheck to paycheck, a sudden halt in income can spell financial disaster. Anyone who has fallen behind on car payments, mortgage payments or credit card payments due to the loss of a job knows what kind of stress this can create. People with families to support are under an even scarier kind of burden.

Still, it might take several months or more before one can find a new job and by this time late payments can really get out of control, creating a debt spiral that cannot be resolved without taking swift legal action. It is in these kinds of situations that bankruptcy proceedings can be particularly helpful. For example, an appropriately timed Chapter 13 filing can prevent a home from going into foreclosure and prevent the loss and repossession of other types of property. Meanwhile, Chapter 7 can help people in debt downsize their lives, their spending and eliminate toxic debt.

At the Law Office of Allan E. Dunaway PLC, we help Kentucky residents determine whether bankruptcy, and other debt resolution strategies, are appropriate for them. If you have questions about your debt situation and how you might be able to get out of it, we are available to help.