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Rapper in bankruptcy takes pictures with loads of cash

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2016 | Personal Bankruptcy | 0 comments

The rapping legend 50 Cent recently posted pictures on the Internet of himself posing with loads of cash. The photos prompted the judge presiding over his bankruptcy proceedings to call him into court. The judge wanted the rapper to explain the photos, which depict him playing with numerous stacks of cash.

According to the bankruptcy judge, the photos are causing her to question whether or not 50 Cent is being forthcoming with regard to his true financial situation. She said that she is worried about the possibility of nondisclosure and that his case may lack transparency. The judge said that bankruptcy is all about giving people who are honest, but in unfortunate circumstances, the ability to get a fresh start.

Among the photos, one shows stacks of cash inside 50 Cent’s refrigerator. The 40-year-old rap superstar can be seen in another picture where he is playing with stacks of money to spell out the word “Broke” on the floor. Another photo shows him lounging on his bed surrounded by stacks of money, while he sucks on a popsicle, with one stack emerging from the unzipped zipper of his bluejeans.

It today’s modern world of social media, Kentucky residents engaged in legal proceedings need to be careful with the image of themselves that they portray on social media sites. This is definitely the case with bankruptcy proceedings. If a bankruptcy filer tells the court that he or she is bankrupt, but then publishes pictures and/or information publicly on the Internet that contradict this fact, it could be used as evidence against the person during the bankruptcy process.

Source: Wall Street Journal, “Judge Orders 50 Cent to Bankruptcy Court Over Instagram Photos,” Katy Stech, Feb. 19, 2016