Debt problems have a tendency to snowball out of control very quickly. Kentucky residents might simply think that they are using a credit card to make ends meet quite innocently, when suddenly something happens that prevents them from paying off the credit card. When credit card payments cannot be paid, fees and interest will add up to become astronomical in no time, even with very small debts.

At the Law Office of Allan E Dunaway, PLC, we help Kentucky residents with their debt problems no matter what their financial situations happen to be. We offer a free, no obligation, first-time consultation to assist individuals in taking a bird’s eye view of the complete debt picture. Then, we help the individuals by providing them with strategies for taking care of the debt once and for all.

In some cases, the strategies recommended might include bankruptcy. However, bankruptcy is not always the best solution for every person who is suffering from debt problems, so our firm helps people determine which debt resolution methodology is the best for their unique situation.

Bankruptcy should not be viewed as a negative. Indeed, the process has the power to bring a Kentucky resident back into a state of financial balance. So, in this respect, borrowers should view the decision to start their bankruptcy process as a positive choice for their futures. Why suffer from the stress of having too many debts that will never be paid off, when those debts — and all the uncomfortable feelings that surround them – can be resolved through a sound debt resolution strategy?