Kentucky residents and others who need help paying bills or other expenses may benefit from using a credit card to do so. Generally, it can be a good idea to use a credit card for bills that can be paid off in a year or less. They can also be ideal for those who can pay off the balance quickly and want reward points.

In some situations, credit cards can be useful to pay for repairs that will later be paid for by an insurance company. For instance, if a roof leaks or an HVAC system starts to go, a homeowner could first put the debt on a credit card. This can be ideal when the insurance company may take weeks or months to pay for an item that needs to be repaired immediately. It may be possible to obtain a credit line with 0 percent interest for up to 20 months.

Those who are looking to consolidate debt may also be able to benefit from credit cards with 0 percent interest. However, this assumes that an individual is able to get a high enough credit line to transfer existing balances to. It also assumes that a person has the discipline to pay off the balance in full instead of using it to make other purchases.

Those who have a significant amount of credit card debt may have multiple options to pay it off. In addition to a balance transfer, it may be possible to ask for a debt settlement or other type of alternate payment plan. Furthermore, an individual might choose to file for bankruptcy and have the balance owed discharged in a timely manner. Consolidating debt with personal loans may result in a lower interest rate for a longer period of time.