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Applying for too many cards can be a problem

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2019 | Credit Card Debt | 0 comments

Credit card companies do all they can to entice new customers in Kentucky and across the country to sign up for their cards, and part of their sales pitches often involve offering cards with reward features, such as cash bonuses. But applying for too many cards in short order can cause problems with card issuers who might see you as a potentially unprofitable client. Additionally, it can also cause your credit score to decrease.

As explained by WiseBread, credit card companies become suspicious when an applicant applies for several credit cards within a short time period. They might suspect that the applicant does not have any intention of using their new cards to any great extent. It is possible that some or many of the new cards will be left unused for long periods of time. Without regular use, card companies cannot collect fees and interest on card balances.

Credit card insurers are also skeptical of multiple card applications because they believe the applicant wants to access the rewards without becoming a long term customer. Some people access cash bonuses and other rewards as soon as they acquire a card and then seldom use the card afterward. Card companies are becoming increasingly aware of this tactic and are turning down applicants on this basis.

Some people having problems with credit card debt apply for new cards in the hopes of improving their credit scores. This may backfire according to Nerdwallet, since opening a new card account lowers the average age of your card accounts. How long you have owned your accounts actually accounts for 15% of a FICO score. Also, with every new card you apply for is another company that will check your credit, which can knock your score down further since it looks like you are someone in financial distress.

Being judicious when deciding to apply for credit cards is a better bet in the long run. If you have serious credit card debt, you may need to explore other options that can clear up your debt and restore your credit to good standing.