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Can you erase some medical debts?

On Behalf of | Oct 26, 2021 | medical debt | 0 comments

Unexpected medical bills can set you back financially and leave you feeling stressed about paying for necessities. Especially if you are not in a position to save, pressing medical needs may directly interfere with your ability to meet other financial obligations.

In some cases, you may have the option of reducing or even avoiding some medical debts. Here are some helpful strategies that may work for you.

Do your research

One of the driving factors of outrageous medical bills is the times when you receive care from a provider that is not in-network with your insurance company. While this is sometimes unavoidable during an emergency, non-emergencies allow you more time to do your research.

Shop around and know which providers work in your insurance network. According to Consumer Reports, if you anticipate an upcoming surgery, consider finding out everyone who will participate in your care. Then you can contact each party individually to verify their compliance with your insurance. Knowing the extent of your insurance coverage is also helpful. This way you can reduce the likelihood of costly bills stemming from a misunderstanding of your coverage.

Review and negotiate

Once you receive medical bills in the mail, review them thoroughly to make sure you understand everything. You can always call your medical provider for clarity and to verify that you do not have charges for non-existent services. In some circumstances, you may have eligibility to participate in an assistance program. This may allow you to negotiate a payment plan that works with your financial situation.

In cases where unfounded medical bills have threatened your financial stability, you have the right to dispute the charges. Sometimes, working with an attorney may improve your chances of finding an agreeable settlement so you do not have to pay for services you did not receive. Regardless of the condition of your health, saving for a rainy day can help you prepare for unexpected bills so you do not feel so stressed when unanticipated situations happen.