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Potential side effects of relying on credit cards

Kentucky residents may be aware of the upfront costs of using credit cards, including interest rates and annual fees. However, there are other side effects to relying on credit to make purchases that tend not to be discussed in the pages of disclaimers that are handed out when a person completes an application and accepts that shiny, new card.

Oh yeah, it can happen to you

Sometimes a catastrophic event, a job loss, a sudden illness, will trigger a slide in your finances that will quickly lead down the slippery slope to a bankruptcy filing. Perhaps your employer in Louisville shuts down, leaving you out of work or you are in a car accident that leaves you injured, unable to work and with mounting medical bills.

Credit card debt can be a balancing act for single parents

A parent in Louisville might find themselves as the sole provider for their children. Being a single parent can be a difficult job. Sometimes when one income isn't enough to support a family, a single parent might try to find additional employment, even though it is difficult to be away from their children for so long in the day.

As consumers gain confidence, credit card debt grows

According to data from the Federal Reserve, consumers across the country are feeling increasingly confident in their financial standings. Credit card debt increased by more than ever in the last year from April to May. Consumers added $6.6 billion to bring the total national credit card debt to $856.5 billion.

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